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Hearfield Research designs and makes websites and rich internet applications which address the real needs of our clients.

 ^ Bacardi Martini  

Spring 2000 - Summer 2000

Creation of a Notes-based system that guided the user through the process of designing and delivering a new marketing promotion, from writing the agency brief to a post-match review of the promotion. Ran workshops with appropriate decision makers and the previous development team and trained key high-level individuals. Follow-up contract to design and develop additional toolsets.

 ^ Broody Designs  

Spring 2003

Javascript was used to rewrite the underlying CSS as the page is resized, to control sizing and placement of the various on-screen elements, and also in a bespoke menu system to alter the style of menu components, hiding and revealing them in response to user input.

 ^ ClearCom  

Spring 2003 - Winter 2005

ClearCom supply mission-critical, high-performance voice intercommunications systems worldwide. The problem was to create a management and configuration application with strong visual appeal - buttons can be 'pressed' and knobs 'turned'. The production release used C# Windows Forms with embedded Macromedia Flash user interface objects.

 ^ Cytek Cycles  

Summer 2004

Cytek Cycles is our local bike shop and we can't recommend them highly enough. Over a pint with the owner, we decided the website should list the various local cycling events so that people could get together and go to them. The 'rides calendar' displays events in various categories, and users can create personalised accounts to filter these.

 ^ DataCash  

Winter 2000 - Spring 2001

DataCash provides outsourced payment processing solutions for the real time authorisation and settlement of credit and debit cards, corporate purchasing cards, private label store cards, direct debits, direct credits and cheques. Leading a team of four, built an HTML user interface was built to run on JSP middleware and interface with a Java back-end written by another team.

 ^ DHL Worldwide Express  

Spring 1999

From requirements capture and process analysis, led a small team designing and developing an intranet-based document management application. Appropriate business processes were then developed to support the final deployment.

 ^ Dirty Knickers  

Spring 2006

Performed extensive rescue work on a damaged e-commerce site. Repaired and restored a complex site using PHP, CSS, JavaScript and Flash.

 ^ Drake Electronics  

Autumn 2002 - Winter 2005

Designing and delivering an application to control communications between Earth and Space, from initial concept design through to user accepted released application. Core application features include a scalable, rich user interface in Flash/DHTML that configures and monitors communication systems in real-time in multiple locations across the globe. Follow-up contracts.

 ^ ECSoft UK  

Summer 2001

The project enabled standard web access to the in-house Lotus Notes skills register using ASP and MS Access \'97 without requiring Lotus Domino. After requirements analysis, led a team of three developers building an application to integrate with MS Access \'97, providing full workflow support to feed an ASP web front-end.

Autumn 2001

The project allowed company employees to use a web interface to browse and sign up for training material and courses from a third party provider, as well as to provide post-course feedback for internal and external consumption.

Summer 1998

Led an initiative to develop strategy for in-house publishing on the corporate web site. Designed, documented and delivered a strategy for the publication of internally generated documents such as case studies, on the corporate website over 1 month.

Autumn 1998

From requirements capture and analysis, designed and developed a Notes application to automate the process of software / hardware requests to a third party provider, integrating with their systems.

Winter 1998

Led an initiative to specify and design an in-house KM tool using Lotus Notes. Performed requirements capture and analysis. Designed and delivered a multi-database application.

Winter 1998 - Spring 1999

Designed and developed a multi-database Lotus Notes application to manage the development of company internal documentation.

Summer 1999

Designed and developed a Lotus Notes-based bug tracking tool for internal software development projects. The application had full workflow support and used a dynamic interface to lead developers and testers through the process.

Summer 2000

The project was to enable delivery of user-navigable maps to WAP enabled devices. The solution delivered tiled images to devices as requested by a WML user interface, from a back-end written in Java by the team.

Autumn 2000

Led an initiative to enable access to the company phonebook through WAP devices. Designed and delivered a searchable ASP/MS Access application which returned phone numbers that were immediately dialable.

 ^ European Commission  

Spring 1998 - Summer 1998

The EC funded a project to create a tool to convert rich text format documents into websites, to allow easier online publishing for community academics. The role was simply marketing support, raising awareness by means of flyers, email and demonstrations at a convention in Brussels which saw downloads increase by over 1200%.

 ^ Exel Logistics  

Autumn 2000 - Spring 2001

The project was to create a kiosk-based online shopping system with delivery of purchased items provided by the client. Called in to replace a major design agency, re-designed and prototyped the interface for web, kiosk and WAP delivery platforms, delivering a cross-platform application based on Intershop enFinity.

 ^ Hearfield Research  

Winter 2001

As a design exercise, we decided to create a scrollbar-less cross-browser web site using advanced DHTML which loaded external content in to a single display element. Since then, we have viewed the site in MS IE v4-6, Netscape v4.x-7 as well as Firefow and Opera. It has always looked the same, which was the point.

Spring 2006

Created this PHP and MySQL portfolio site using XHTML, the presentation of which is then controlled with CSS. A separate administration site was also created to manage the portfolio database.

 ^ Hitachi Europe  

Summer 2000

The requirement was a forms based intranet application that did not look like one. From workshops with appropriate decision makers a design was developed and delivered, making extensive use of frames to deliver a high-tech look and feel.

Spring 2001

The project was to create a management interface for a smart-card based payment system. Leading a small development team, an application was designed and developed in DHTML, JSP and EJB which allowed the client to view and manage account data.

 ^ Jacqueline Kroft  

Autumn 2002

Jacqueline Kroft is a talented singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada, who wanted some interface concepts for an album support site. We came up with several concepts and narrowed them down to the two basic themes presented here.

 ^ James Wace  

Autumn 2002

James Wace teaches yoga to individuals, having studied Viniyoga since 1983 in India, France and England. He decided to set up a website to help communicate his approach and provide information for people who may be looking for a yoga tutor.

 ^ Jon Shipman  

Spring 2002

The project was to generate a small number of web site user interface concepts for a client of Broody Designs. We selected a core visual approach and then developed a number of variations were developed around that.

 ^ Kia Motors  

Summer 2006

Kia Motors needed a marketing microsite to be developed from an existing graphic design to support a direct marketing campaign. Using PHP, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, we created and tested the site in all of the major browsers before delivering on schedule.

 ^ Learning 4 Business  

Summer 2002

The project was to convert data from forms on the client's site into an automatically submitted, formatted email.

 ^ London Borough of Bromley  

Spring 2001

Sole user interface design authority on a £multi-million e-Point CRM project. Designed, developed and delivered a developer-maintainable web interface using javascript, CSS and XSLT. The interface design approach was subsequently adopted by ePoint.

 ^ Magic World Toys  

Summer 2002

The project was to create a client-side validated online ordering form, then capture and convert the data into an email.

 ^ MyNet  

Summer 2000

The aim was to create an online personal information management (PIM) system, complete with email, address book, web favourites and calendar. From requirements capture and analysis, designed and delivered an interface that integrated with a JSP / EJB application created by the development team.

 ^ National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux  

Autumn 1998

Analysed requirements and business processes in order to formulate an intranet strategy and rollout plan, then designed and developed prototype interfaces and demonstrated them over several days at the Association's AGM in York.

 ^ Orange  

Summer 2006

The project was to translate an agency sourced PSD file into a rich microsite and html email, then test that the site was pixel perfect in all major browsers and that the email worked for all major desktop and web email clients.

Summer 2006

The project was to translate an agency sourced PSD file into a rich microsite and html email.

 ^ Pangolin Editions  

Spring 2002

Pangolin needed a promotional/informational website to support a project with the aim of recreating a dozen extinct Mauritian species in bronze. We specified and delivered a simple, plain design.

Summer 2002

Pangolin Editions Foundry and Gallery Pangolin are amazing places to visit. We were pleased to be asked to develop some concepts for a potential website upgrade and trialled an interesting 360 degree imaging tool to make an example virtual gallery and to allow for rotating views of individual sculptures.

 ^ Parallel Blue  

Autumn 2005

The project is a stylish flash-based site, designed by a third party, which includes a dynamic news section. Flash development really can be more art than science and so we helped Broody Designs out with getting the project past some of Flash's peculiar peculiarities.

 ^ Paterson Estates  

Autumn 2002

The project was to convert data from forms on the client's site into an automatically submitted, formatted email.

 ^ Puffin  

Summer 2006

Developed an engaging, interactive extension to the existing Artemis Fowl website to allow fans to enter a competition by submitting a story, picture, photograph, sculpture or video based on the popular Eoin Colfer characters. Resulting entries were collated from various online hosting solutions and displayed.

 ^ Rowland Business Services  

Winter 1997 - Spring 1998

Designed and developed a corporate presence website, giving details of the services offered by the group.

Winter 1997 - Spring 1998

The project was to develop a range of internet based service offerings and design a marketing strategy to support their launch.

 ^ SNR Corporate Development  

Summer 1997 - Winter 1997

Technical and corporate / marketing strategy consultancy.

 ^ Triumph Motorcycles  

Summer 2006

Triumph Motorcycles have an excellent, well established consumer facing website and the contract was to perform some business as usual updates to the design and content to support their dealer network and clothing ranges.

 ^ UKCompanies.biz  

Spring 2002

The project was to design and develop a shopping cart in ASP/VBScript to an existing site and integrate it with the somewhat functionality-challenged API provided by Barclays epdq system.

 ^ Vitec Group Communications  

Spring 2006

Designed and developed conceptual user interfaces for a new software application being demonstrated for the first time at NAB in Las Vegas and created a Flash movie that ran on a loop over the stand.

 ^ Welsh Office  

Summer 1998 - Autumn 1998

Performed requirements capture, business process analysis and needs identification through meetings, interviews and workshops. Subsequently assisted in designing the Intranet and Strategy for the soon-to-be Welsh Assembly over 2 months.