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Project: Kiosk-based Online Shopping

Kiosk-based Online Shopping
Exel Logistics
Autumn 2000 - Spring 2001
Milton Keynes


Kiosk-based Online Shopping - screenshotKiosk-based Online Shopping - screenshotKiosk-based Online Shopping - screenshot



The aim of the project was to create a kiosk-based online shopping system that would allow customers to access products and services from a variety of high-street brands using kiosks placed in high foot traffic areas such as train stations.

Mike led a small team that was called in to replace a major design agency who were simply not delivering quality. As the project's sole design authority, he re-designed and prototyped the interface for web, kiosk and WAP delivery platforms, delivering a dynamic shopping demonstrator driven by Intershop's enFinity e-commerce platform.

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