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Project: Cross-browser DHTML Web Site

Cross-browser DHTML Web Site
Hearfield Research
Winter 2001


Cross-browser DHTML Web Site - screenshotCross-browser DHTML Web Site - screenshotCross-browser DHTML Web Site - screenshotCross-browser DHTML Web Site - screenshot



At the time, there was a potentially enormous difference in the way contemporary (version 4) browsers interpreted the various document object models used in HTML web sites. Each of the major software houses was rushing to release upgraded versions of their browsers with the result that web standards were being ignored or missed entirely. This was the age of Netscape's "layer" (a very nice idea, btw) and the iframe.

As a design exercise, Hearfield Research decided to make a site that would be, in windows terms anyway, look and act the same regardless of the browser used to view it. (We stopped using Macs in the mid 90s after doing some database development on an LCIII, but that's another story.)

To make it more interesting, we decided to forgo the normal approach of loading a new page from each menu link, and instead read the contents of external files in to single display and submenu display elements (DIVs).

Because we've been pretty busy since then, we've not yet changed the site and we've been gratified to see that it has looked the same in MS IE 4 - 6 as well as Netscape 4.x - 7 and all version of Firefox (and Opera that we've tried) over the past few years.

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